A series of cosmic events and seemingly coincidental happenings coincided in the early part of the century to bring together Messrs. OLIVER and DEUL.


Mr. DEUL, having left his native Germany for the New World, became increasingly frustrated with the frigid winters and equally frosty demeanor of the population of NEW YORK, and sought refuge in the swampy climate of LOUISIANA.  Possessing only a trunk of archaic clothing and a drumset, he sought to learn from eccentric masters of rhythm and harmony amongst the population of the port town of NEW ORLEANS.

Mr. OLIVER, several years his younger, having left the temperate pine and fir forests of his home in the sparsely populated NORTH-WEST of the continent, also arrived in NEW ORLEANS in search of wisdom and musical understanding.

Both men being in need of LODGING, they undertook to share an abode together with other musical adventurers.  They formed a non-hierarchical COLLECTIVE to explore their shared interest in the power of sound waves and musical forms to influence society as a whole. Some of the results were documented using advanced techniques of SOUND PRESERVATION.  Here is an example of those results for your review:

Suddenly their research was interrupted by a fantastically destructive HURRICANE which forced them, after a period of nomadic wandering, to settle in the WEST COAST of NORTH-AMERICA.  They reconvened the orchestra, taking their experiments to laboratories up and down the coast for several years.  The more advanced experiments yielded more promising RECORDINGS such as this:

Soon after the sounds preserved above were created, the ORCHESTRA was disbanded after the regional government learned of the success of its sound form experimentation, which had created unusual and unpredictable results in the PSYCHOLOGY of its members and audiences.

NOW Messrs. OLIVER and DEUL have reconvened their secret laboratory in EUROPE.  Several years of experimentation with THOUGHT-FORM manipulation and SONIC ASTRAL FIELD projection have had increasingly fruitful outcomes which they are at last ready to attempt on the PUBLIC once again.

Discussions of specific EXPERIMENTS can be found elsewhere in these chronicles.  Here is ONE EXAMPLE, Experiment A.3: