13724851_10155381459702588_5364559424361000385_oMr. Oliver is a pianist and composer who has spent many years studying the intricacies of sound waves and their interactions.  He plays many styles of music from the mundane to the exotic, including jazz and ragtime, tango, and his own esoteric compositions.  He lives on a hill north of the smoggy metropolis of London, and plays frequently in that city with his own and other musical conglomerations, including the Dime Notes, the Old Hat Jazz Band, the Vitality Jazz Band, and the London Tango Orchestra.  From time to time, he travels the world performing compositions related to the pristine wildernesses of North America with the Tunnel Six grouping, comprising other musical adventurers from across the continent of North America.  He has released numerous sound recordings with his groups the Kora Band and the Andrew Oliver Sextet as well as Sound for the Organization of Society and before journeying across the Atlantic was highly involved in many groups in his home of Portland, Oregon where he directed the Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble.


11696635_844529642300814_2743456654264905550_oMr. Deul is an accomplished drummer and composer and has been occasionally called a rather perceptive improviser. His search for the deeper wisdom of the substratal rhythm has washed him onto the shores of the Americas, from the high skyscrapers of an eastern metropolis, down into the alligator infested swamps of the deep south, as well as the harsh and dry deserts of the wild west. This well rounded gentlemen has had the great fortune to have conversed and assimilated from many fabulous artists all over the far reaching globe, such as Johnny Vidacovich, Ed Soph, Michael Lauren, Kim Plainfield, Bobby Sanabria,Mike Clarke, Edgar Pritsch, Jim Atwood, Amy Knowles, Alfred Ladzekpo, I Nyoman Wenten, Djoko Walujo, Randy Gloss, Swapan Chaudhuri, Sriji Poovalur, Mara Gibson, James Walsh, Vinny Golia and Wadada Leo Smith.

He has been a director for New Orleans New Music Ensemble, as well as the Improvising Composers United, and is currently working with the Kooperative New Jazz/ArtIst, stemming from the lush marshes of the Rhine river. He has shared the stage with such beautiful musicians as Wadada Leo Smith, Vinny Golia, Famoudou Don Moye, John Lindberg, Butch Morris, Susie Allen, Ulrich Krieger, Randy Gloss, Gerhard Stäbler, Kunsu Shim, the gamelan orchestra Burat Wangi, the band Maria Hilff and the experimental music theatre ensemble Phren amongst many others.

Mr. Deul holds distinguished degrees from acclaimed institutions and his opinion and knowledge has been pursued by many a striving young mind.