img_5025Messrs. OLIVER and DEUL can here be seen with their former ORCHESTRA, “Sound for the Organization of Society.”  During its existence of approximately FIVE years, numerous esteemed critics from diverse corners of the world weighed in on their experiments and sonic journeys.  Herein are contained several of the most PERCEPTIVE observations of these notable journalists and listeners:


“Experimental music that pulls from any number of influences in ever-changing ratios, this octet […] bring a panoply of thick grooves, unexpected interludes, and melodic drifts. […] It’s pretty damn compelling.” – Dave Sumner, eMusic, Wondering Sound

“…an explosive blend of rhythms and melodies from Mother Africa, scales and oriental chants and furious improvisations. […] Poem of the Underground is the New Orleans of the new millennium, […] changing the focal point of the performance, from extremes like John Zorn and Indonesian music, from marching band to spoken jazz, from progressive rock and the sultry blues of Albert Ayler to avant-garde and folk. But when the needle of the compass stabilizes and faces north, one finds it difficult to escape from the fascination and magic of this music, it was almost as though I were hypnotized like a good voodoo service.” – Vincenzo Roggerio, All About Jazz Italia

“SFOS not only explores musical boundaries with their imaginative music, but they succeed in making accesible music with a ‘drive’ that only the most cynical listener can ignore.” – Mischa Andriessen, Jazzmozaïek

“Sound for the Organization of Society….as weird as their name, so is their program.  […]  Astonishingly even the craziest and harshest sounds are in some ways still harmonic.  […] Even Pop music doesn’t happen with just one sound.  Absolute Recommondation!” – Ragazzi – Website fur erregende musik